Welcome to my new homepage.  Get ready for some rock and roll by my long time friends and my new album that will be releasing soon!
I am an old school rock-n-rolling, skating-boarding, needs to go surfing, old dude!
This website is to share the recordings of the band I played in for many years with my brothers, Neal and Brian, and the celebrate the many hours skateboarding

with my great friends, Rip, Ed, and all the other rat-hole brothers in Pensacola.

I am putting out an album of originals after years of writing songs. Check out my album page!


After over 30 years our band got back together and we hope to have more jam sessons soon. Videos below!

Poop playing Good Times Bad Times, originally by Led Zep!

Good Times Bad Times

Poop Reunion Videos

Poop Performing Teacher by Jethro Tull

Poop Reunion Videos

Poop Performing BSSM by the RHCP

Poop Reunion Videos

Poop Performing Little Lover by ACDC