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This is a webpage of POOP.  What can one say about POOP?  They certainly make their presence known through at least one of the five senses; usually smell.  With the powerful drumming of Exhaust Pipe, the confused bass play of Dr. Pooper, and Cottage Cheese’s six-string wizard-sprayery, this is a band whose time is gone.  But fortunately that won’t stop you the listener from having the last laugh.  This is the website that will keep you on the edge of your toilet seat and ready to flush.

Poop is Neal Sexton[cottage cheese] heavy metal lead guitar,

Brian Sexton[ b.f. exhaust pipe]  concussion percussion]neal-only

KirBriandrum copyk Pitts [dr. pooper] fart’n and popin’ bass.kirk





All characters in this band are fictional and are not intended  to represent real musicians.  Any simularity between this band and real musicians is purely accidental and not intended to disparaged any real bands.